Audience Feedback

In today’s lesson with Rob, we watched most of final productions, which were very different from each other and unique in their own way.

I loved watching my class mates productions as I feel like they have reviled a bit of everyone’s personality, showing that everyone has cooperated and worked hard in order to achieve that finishing product.

When we displayed ‘Never Will I Leave You’, the class feedback I received was mostly positive. There were of course things to improve upon, but I believe the hard work for it paid off.

Positive Feedback

  • The production meets its creative intention – I was really happy about this particular thing as I personally found it quite challenging to covey a thought of love and religion in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Therefore, I am very pleased by the fact that our intention was clear and visible in our opening sequence.
  • “It’s interesting how although nothing dramatic happens, you’re still involved, as the characterisation of Ivy and Kristina is quite good” – This has probably pleased me most, as I really wanted the characters to become more believable and to give them life. I think that was done quite well due to the fact that the characters were very much based on the actor’s real personalities. The lines complimented their personalities in real life, as well as within the film, and I am very glad we’ve made that decision ever since the beginning of this project.
  • Different camera angles – We did try our best to film the same scene from many different angles, however sometimes unfortunately we were either time pressured or in the wrong place at the wrong times. I have noticed that when we had different angles of the same scene, it was a lot easier to put together and it looked a lot more professional too.
  • Use of different camera techniques such as ‘shot reverse shot’ – I didn’t personally consider this aspect when filming, I thought more of what would add to the story and what would make the characters seem more real. Therefore there weren’t that many camera techniques, or they weren’t very complex as I thought a bit more experience is needed before attempting to film in a more difficult and complex way.
  • The use of non-diegetic sound as it allowed the audience to focus on the moving image, not particularly on sound.
  • Dialogue as not many people did use it – I thought dialogue would give the audience a better sense of the characters, and it was also potentially the clearest way of telling a story. I also really enjoyed writing the script, therefore I think that was a great outcome.


To improve

  • Jump cuts – Some particular scenes, we couldn’t film from more than one angle, therefore they were quite difficult to edit.
  • Different angles of the classroom would have made the scene look a lot more realistic and would have been much more effective. – I totally agree with that, and it’s definitely one of the first things I would like to improve on. When the classroom scene was filmed it was about 5:00pm,as we had to work around the schedule of out actors. It was very difficult to find some extras in order for it to look like an actual classroom. Therefore I limited my framing so that the audience only sees the essential characters in that particular scene. Although it wasn’t the most ideal, it was the only way that scene could of been filmed at that particular time.
  • Replace the cross-fade with a back screen
  • Never shoot a scene only once and try taking numerous takes rather than one continuous shot. – I believe that if we were to do that there would have been a lot m0re to work with, and will definitely consider it for the next coming project.

I believe this session was really helpful, as myself and Aisha have watched it so many times, to the point where I personally just want to film it all over again. However, it’s great to see it from the audiences point of view, as the product is mainly intended to them.




Working on the Title Design

As I have been working on the title design, I started considering many different aspects in which the title can be effective. As religion is one of our themes I have decided to work around with that and I have managed to create a few different designs.

By asking a number of people around, myself as well as Aisha decided to go with the first design, which will be consistently carried around the film, poster, magazine as well as website.

Reflection On Shooting So Far

So far we filmed most of the script quite successfully in my opinion.

We had our first shooting day in Hackney Wick, which was a remarkable place, full of urban buildings and rather artistic graphites. Unfortunately we weren’t very keen on including the graffiti into our film, as we were going for more of a ‘romantic’ place. This is how we came across  ‘White Building’, a cafe by the canal, where the view was beautiful and suitable for our intentions.

We have filmed the cafe scene outside, where Ivy got to find out about Kristina’s sexual orientations.

Myself and Aisha are quite impressed by the way the unqualified actors played their role, even though looking back at the footage I strongly believe we should have worked more around facial expressions, in order to make these characters look more realistic and to give meaning to the story itself.

We have managed to also film a classroom scene, which was a bit of a struggle as my partner Aisha couldn’t attend it. Therefore, filming making sure the actors are in the right positions and making sure the sound is okay on my own was very challenging. However, I think the overall achievement wasn’t so bad.


I am very keen on finishing the filming in order to put them all together, as I am very positive towards this project.


Throughout the last few days myself and my team partner Aisha have been planning our shooting.

We’ve discussed things such as costumes and props and have made reflective notes on everything that will be used including the location and the actors. That will be soon uploaded once we have visual examples of what we will be using.

We have passed the script to the actors and ensured that they are feeling comfortable with what they will be acting as they are not professional actors.


Today’s Workshop 25th.Jan.2017

Today was a very interesting day. During the two lessons we had with Richard we were ‘taught’ by two students from the year above us.

They have presented some of their work, which was produced at a very good quality, and discussed the way in which they’ve put it together.

We have then discussed some camera angles as well as techniques, some of which I didn’t personally know much about. This was very interesting and has come to use when filming our own ‘short’ sequence based on their given scenario.

The shooting was quite a struggle as it has occurred in a very tight space, since we all had to be filming into the classroom. However, I do believe we were quite efficient although  we had a very short period of time to be shooting. We managed to get all the scenes filmed.

However, the group that I was in did not have enough time to edit, as not everyone had finished uploading, and were all at different stages.

Therefore, we had to stop until everyone had reach the point when they could be editing.

Additionally, the process of editing wasn’t very productive in terms of how much we’ve managed to put together. We have managed to learn more about the programme itself, as the other students showed us how to work with things they have experienced with in the past.

Overall it was a very helpful workshop and it was both educational and fun.


24th JANUARY 2017

So far today, we have finally established our groups according to our ideas. We have then, had a 20 minutes meeting within our group where we have concluded our final idea as a group, taking inspiration from each one of us. I believe this made our overall idea a lot more solid and encouraged us to develop our loglines to a larger and better extend.

As myself and Aisha had a very similar idea, it was very convenient to join ideas. However, Daniela had a very different idea to ours and we had to work around a way in which we can include most of what we could.

In conclusion, now that the groups are put together and we are all working on one thing, the pre-production process will be much more efficient.

20th January 2017

I have used toady’s session to ensure that all my work is up to date.

I have worked on developing my screenplay as  well as uploading the poster analysis for ‘Catch Me Daddy’. I found the poster very complex. I believe it had many subliminal messages, however nothing which has caught my attention. I didn’t like the fact that the poster was mainly a print rather than a picture, and so that was a bit more challenging to analyse.


Film Genre -11/01/2017

I don’t have a specific film genre, as I mostly appreciate a good storyline, however the film genres I most frequently find myself watching is Horror, Crime, Comedy and Romance. This is why for the purpose of this particular project I am willing to combine some of the aspects of all these genre, but mostly base it on a Crime-Romance Thriller. I will ensure I come up with a well thought and researched storyline, which is suitable for teenagers, and appealing to both girls and boys.

I will be researching different short films of these specific genres in order to gain a better understanding of the props, location, makeup as well as lighting and equipment. This would be portrayed and analysed in my research.


Initialising Ideas – 10/01/2017

In today’s session we started off by reminding ourselves of what the bases of a story contains.

  • A protagonist
  • A Dramatic Question
  • A conflict
  • A Character Arc
  • A resolution

We then continued by identifying where we could find inspiration but also where stories often come from. This is quite essential, as this is something not many of us have done before, and also a different type of research. We have identified that ideas could come from:

  • Fictional source material
  • News stories
  • Life experiences

By looking at a news article, as a class we have then began to create our own story based around the bases of that article. Whilst trying to come up with an idea I have thought of many movies as well as books, or articles I have read or heard about in the past, and tried to personalise it, in order to come up with a creative and interesting idea.


The title of the news article was: Burglar takes selfie in victim’s house while she showered.

Protagonist: Burglar – A 25 years old man, who is looking for the person who assisted the suicide of his niece. After years of research, he eventually found the potential witness of his niece’s death. As all he was looking for ways to find out if she was on drugs, all he ever intended was to sit down with this person and obtain his answers.

Dramatic Question: In need of help, or in need of love? – Once in desperate need of finding out the reasons for his niece’s suicide, he attempts to talk to this person numerous times, however he doesn’t feel capable enough of being able to hear the truth.

Genre: Crime

Conflict: He falls in love with her (the subject’s wife) – Since he manages to talk to his subject, who he finds is a psychologist, he doesn’t only find out the cause of his niece’s death, but also seeks his help. By spending a lot of time within their home, he doesn’t only build a relationship with the psychologist, but also falls in love with his wife. – He finds out that the psychologist and his wife, have a terrible relationship in which she is often abused, and he often comforts her. One morning, he comes for his therapy session and finds his physiologist dead. His wife was not only aware, but also confessed that she was the one killing in, whilst trying to defence herself and encourages him to take throw his body in the lake. He agrees. – His relationship with this woman is going very well, they are much attached and build trust. – He finds his psychologist’s diary and not only find the reason of his niece’s death. But also a lot about his wife. – He finds it hard to believe, until the police began to investigate and eventually realise he was the one who threw his body in the lake. – He is at the point of getting arrested and both are aware of this

Character arc – she ends up killing him. –  The police officer lead the potential criminal into the forest where he threw the body, and his new girlfriend was walking behind them. Once there he shoots him and walks away with police man

I believe this story could have been developed in a lot more detail, however I do think this could be a potential starting point for my film script, and I will surely re-visit it when it comes to writing the real film script for his project.