Reflection On Shooting So Far

So far we filmed most of the script quite successfully in my opinion.

We had our first shooting day in Hackney Wick, which was a remarkable place, full of urban buildings and rather artistic graphites. Unfortunately we weren’t very keen on including the graffiti into our film, as we were going for more of a ‘romantic’ place. This is how we came across  ‘White Building’, a cafe by the canal, where the view was beautiful and suitable for our intentions.

We have filmed the cafe scene outside, where Ivy got to find out about Kristina’s sexual orientations.

Myself and Aisha are quite impressed by the way the unqualified actors played their role, even though looking back at the footage I strongly believe we should have worked more around facial expressions, in order to make these characters look more realistic and to give meaning to the story itself.

We have managed to also film a classroom scene, which was a bit of a struggle as my partner Aisha couldn’t attend it. Therefore, filming making sure the actors are in the right positions and making sure the sound is okay on my own was very challenging. However, I think the overall achievement wasn’t so bad.


I am very keen on finishing the filming in order to put them all together, as I am very positive towards this project.


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