Today’s Workshop 25th.Jan.2017

Today was a very interesting day. During the two lessons we had with Richard we were ‘taught’ by two students from the year above us.

They have presented some of their work, which was produced at a very good quality, and discussed the way in which they’ve put it together.

We have then discussed some camera angles as well as techniques, some of which I didn’t personally know much about. This was very interesting and has come to use when filming our own ‘short’ sequence based on their given scenario.

The shooting was quite a struggle as it has occurred in a very tight space, since we all had to be filming into the classroom. However, I do believe we were quite efficient although  we had a very short period of time to be shooting. We managed to get all the scenes filmed.

However, the group that I was in did not have enough time to edit, as not everyone had finished uploading, and were all at different stages.

Therefore, we had to stop until everyone had reach the point when they could be editing.

Additionally, the process of editing wasn’t very productive in terms of how much we’ve managed to put together. We have managed to learn more about the programme itself, as the other students showed us how to work with things they have experienced with in the past.

Overall it was a very helpful workshop and it was both educational and fun.



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