Pre-Production Schedule

Pre-Production Schedule

Production team: Aisha Ingar, Andrada Ciolac

Actors: Isabel Cromwell, Kinga Florczak, Isabel’s mum

Tuesday 31st:

9:00am-10:10am – Rob’s lesson


13:50pm-3:00pm – Rob’s lesson

Editing the script. Going over ideas and decide on the props, location and lighting.


Chose the location and arrange meeting with actors.

Andrada and Aisha





Andrada and Aisha

Wednesday 01st

10:20am- 11:30 – Richard’s lessons

Carry on researching the script and planning the camera angles, and other video techniques.  

Aisha and Andrada


Thursday 02nd

9:00am-10:10am – Richard’s lesson

11:40am-12:50 – Richard’s lesson

Finalising Script ideas and finalise the use of equipment and props.

Go through reflections and upload any other changes onto WordPress

Aisha and Andrada



Aisha and Andrada

Friday 03rd Book out equipment for the next week. Aisha and Andrada



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