If there’s something that I have learned during this course, it’s how to research. Almost every given task requires better understanding of specific toppings, or media terminologies, and how they are used in context.

The purpose of audience research:

Audience research, is something I have struggled with at the beginning of this course. It can be quite difficult to choose who your work is aimed at. However, is probably the most helpful and essential type of research. As it’s almost pointless to create something that it’s not going to appeal to the right audience. This will help you choose the best options/design of your work, and will make you understand why different options aren’t beneficial. Once you have identified your target audience you can then think about elements which they will find attractive and ways in which to produce them. There are different categories of audiences. The audience can be classified by income, profession, life cycle stage, age material status, behaviour, religion etc… There are different ways in which you can gather audience research, such as: Surveys, online ratings, interviews, focused groups and many others.

Audience research will then lead you into the market research:

This is when you are gathering information about your target audience’s preferences. What sells best to them, i.e.: Action Films are mostly preferred by teenage boys. This is also essential as this could influence your choice of genre and potentially ways in which you will portray your work, as you know what to focus your product on .Your moral/aim of your work could also be influenced by the market research. Market research will show if improvements are being made during the production process and if positive, if will motivate yours and or the group’s work ethic.

Production research:

This is necessary when creating a new product. By establishing this kind of research you will identify people’s needs, and beliefs. It requires looking at and analysing similar products to what you’re willing to produce. This will determine your choice of context and how much of it to include. It could potentially make you aware of camera movements (in media production).

Quantitative research is also essential and it’s based around the idea of a statistic and mathematical research (i.e. questioner).

Qualitative research can be an opinion based research, where you identify what others think about your motivation, which will make you develop and potentially expand your ideas.

Methods of research

Primary research: This kind of data is gathered straight from a direct source. This includes: surveys, interviews, observations, and ethnographic research. This is quite a good method of research as you can receive direct opinions, which can be very helpful for audience research. However, it can often be very time consuming, therefore it should be applied when necessary only.



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