Opening scene Review – ‘Catch me Daddy’


First Five Minutes of Catch me Daddy

The film that has inspired myself and Aisha is ‘Catch me Daddy’ a British thriller film directed by Daniel Wolfe. We have decided to base our idea around this particular movie, as it has quite a strong storyline and many plot twists which catches the audience’s attention.

Non diegetic sound at the beginning of the opening scene creating a mood of suspense and tension. This is the first thing the audience hears. – This could potentially indicate the genre of the film and allows the audience to deduce what will eventually happen within the film.

Long shots of landscapes and buildings – locations around where the characters potentially live – Action of film could happen around these buildings and/or places – they must be significant as they appear in the first few seconds of the film, followed by a narrative which is a masculine voiceover, reciting a monologue. – This allows the audience to sink in a mysterious and rather intimidating mood.

Over the shoulder shot of the first character we see in this scene and in the movie. He does drugs. He is introduced in a dark room, where the only light source is a fire, and a lap which he soon turns on. The fire could be a metaphor for this character’s personality, however it is a bit too soon for as, as the audience to infer that just yet. The audience is introduced to this ever since the beginning of the opening scene. This could infer his significance within the film, but also allows the audience to form a first negative impression of the character, and makes us question whether he is a potential antagonist of the film.

There is soon a medium shot – of the character’s actions: Pouring something into the lake. He has a sharp and disturbing look. – This again could support the theory of this particular character being the antagonist of the movie. – When this character is introduced, we tend to hear a different range of non-diegetic sound, which creates this mood of suspense and tension, whereas the introduction of the two protagonists of the film (Aron and Laila), they are introduced by natural sounds (diegetic sounds) of the nature. They are surrounded by natural lights and sunshine. This shot is filmed outside on a field on which they potentially start running. – The audience is introduced to both of these characters at the same time, which allows us to see and infer that they have quite a close relation, which could potentially make them dependent on each other. The close up of Leila’s hand on Aron’s knee confirms their happy and positive relationship. As they soon start running around this massive open space, the viewer can see their desire for freedom. Laila seems to trust Aron a lot, and Aron can joke about Laila’s memories of her dad, which portrays they both trust each other and know each other well enough in order to be able to open up about these memories, and have a laugh about it.




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