Initialising Ideas – 10/01/2017

In today’s session we started off by reminding ourselves of what the bases of a story contains.

  • A protagonist
  • A Dramatic Question
  • A conflict
  • A Character Arc
  • A resolution

We then continued by identifying where we could find inspiration but also where stories often come from. This is quite essential, as this is something not many of us have done before, and also a different type of research. We have identified that ideas could come from:

  • Fictional source material
  • News stories
  • Life experiences

By looking at a news article, as a class we have then began to create our own story based around the bases of that article. Whilst trying to come up with an idea I have thought of many movies as well as books, or articles I have read or heard about in the past, and tried to personalise it, in order to come up with a creative and interesting idea.


The title of the news article was: Burglar takes selfie in victim’s house while she showered.

Protagonist: Burglar – A 25 years old man, who is looking for the person who assisted the suicide of his niece. After years of research, he eventually found the potential witness of his niece’s death. As all he was looking for ways to find out if she was on drugs, all he ever intended was to sit down with this person and obtain his answers.

Dramatic Question: In need of help, or in need of love? – Once in desperate need of finding out the reasons for his niece’s suicide, he attempts to talk to this person numerous times, however he doesn’t feel capable enough of being able to hear the truth.

Genre: Crime

Conflict: He falls in love with her (the subject’s wife) – Since he manages to talk to his subject, who he finds is a psychologist, he doesn’t only find out the cause of his niece’s death, but also seeks his help. By spending a lot of time within their home, he doesn’t only build a relationship with the psychologist, but also falls in love with his wife. – He finds out that the psychologist and his wife, have a terrible relationship in which she is often abused, and he often comforts her. One morning, he comes for his therapy session and finds his physiologist dead. His wife was not only aware, but also confessed that she was the one killing in, whilst trying to defence herself and encourages him to take throw his body in the lake. He agrees. – His relationship with this woman is going very well, they are much attached and build trust. – He finds his psychologist’s diary and not only find the reason of his niece’s death. But also a lot about his wife. – He finds it hard to believe, until the police began to investigate and eventually realise he was the one who threw his body in the lake. – He is at the point of getting arrested and both are aware of this

Character arc – she ends up killing him. –  The police officer lead the potential criminal into the forest where he threw the body, and his new girlfriend was walking behind them. Once there he shoots him and walks away with police man

I believe this story could have been developed in a lot more detail, however I do think this could be a potential starting point for my film script, and I will surely re-visit it when it comes to writing the real film script for his project.



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